Pricing and Packages - Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

This massage uses a variety of strokes and pressure techniques used to enhance the flow of blood to the heart, remove waste products from the tissues and stretch ligaments and tendons.

30 Minutes - $40

60 Minutes - $70

90 Minutes - $100


Deep Tissue

This massage uses many of the same techniques as the Swedish massage, but the pressure is generally more intense.

30 Minutes - $50

60 Minutes - $80

90 Minutes - $115


Deep Tissue Deluxe

A relaxing Deep Tissue massage with the wonderful addition of hot towels combined with a cervical traction pillow to heat and relax the neck and shoulder muscles. Hot stones combined with deep heat oil penetrate and relax the tense and tight back muscles.

60 Minutes - $100

90 Minutes - $125


Hot Stone Massage

Uses smooth, heated stones that help tight muscles release - a deeply soothing and relaxing form of massage.

60 Minutes - $120

90 Minutes - $145


Massage for Clients with Cancer - $65

This massage uses light rhythmic strokes to improve the flow of lymph throughout the body. Length of massage may vary upon consultation with LMT.


Our massage department has a wonderful array of essential oils available at an additional cost.