Pricing and Packages - Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

All Body Treatments are $75 and incorporate light massage.

Herbal Body Wrap

Luxurious and revitalizing spa treatment designed to detoxify or soothe your body. You are wrapped in linens that have been soaked in warm herbs with soothing or detoxifying properties. 

Mud Wrap

Our Mud Wrap harnesses the natural goodness of nutrient-rich mud, carefully selected for its detoxifying properties; packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants promoting cellular renewal and rebalancing. Warm mud is painted on the guest's arms, tummy, or legs.

Paraffin Booty Lift

Our Paraffin Booty lift is designed to target those stubborn cellulite areas applying a warm detoxifying wax and a cellulite-reducing gel creates a smooth and firm booty. 

Arm and Tummy Toner

Similar to our Booty Lift; the Arm and Tummy Toner uses detoxifying wax applied to arms and tummy to help reduce cellulite by toning and softening the skin.