Massage Treatments


Swedish Massage - $60

This massage uses a variety of strokes and pressure techniques used to enhance the flow of blood to the heart, remove waste

products from the tissues and stretch ligaments and tendons.


  30 Minutes - $35
  60 Minutes - $60
  90 Minutes - $85
  Couples Massage - $70 per person

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage - $70*
This massage uses many of the same techniques as the Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense.


Deep Tissue Deluxe - $80*

A relaxing Deep Tissue massage with the wonderful addition of hot towels combined with a cervical traction pillow to heat and

relax the neck and shoulder muscles. Also, hot stones combined with deep heat oil penetrate and relax tense and tight back muscles. 


We appreciate you and want to serve you the best way we can. Please inform us if you will require either a pregnancy or oncology massage when scheduling your appointment.


Massage for Clients with Cancer - $55*
This massage uses light rhythmic strokes to improve the flow of lymph throughout the body. Length of massage may vary upon

consultation with LMT.


Pregnancy Massage - $70*
This massage is aimed at the mother-to-be with such benefits as reducing stress on weight-bearing joints, relief from low

back pain and increased blood and lymph circulation - which may reduce swelling.

Hot Stone Massage - $90*

This massage uses smooth, heated stones that help tight muscles release. It is a deeply soothing and relaxing form

of massage.


Cold Stone Massage Therapy - $50

This thirty-minute treatment utilizes 3 parts to help alleviate and even eliminate pain from headaches. Part one consists of

headache point release, part 2 of application of specific oils are applied to the face and pulse points, and part 3 uses 12

specially designed, cold marble stones placed at strategic points to reduce inflammation in blood vessels.


It is reported that over 50 million people world-wide suffer debilitating pain from Migraine Headaches. This treatment can

eliminate and or dramatically reduce most headache symptoms withing 30-45 minutes.


Our massage department has a wonderful array of essential oils that can be used with a standard massage for additional cost.

*Reflects pricing for 60-minute massages. Prices may vary for 30 and 90-minute massages.