Water Treatments


The water room is a beautifully decorated treatment room where the privacy of the guest is respected.


Everything from the music, lighting, scent of the candles and linens are designed with the guest in mind and used to create a calm atmosphere that is both peaceful and restorative.


Hydro Tub - $55


The body is immersed in a specially contoured tub that creates the feeling of weightlessness. Our hydro tub uses air jets and

color therapy to promote increased circulation and rebalance your chakras.

Hydro Healing Steam Bath - $65


The body is immersed in the hydro tub with an array of detoxifying herbs. A linen soak in the same herbs creates a

steamroom effect for an ultimate detoxifying experience.

Herbal Body Wrap - $65


The guest is wrapped in warm, fleecy linen that has been soaked in an *herbal blend of their choice.


*Ahava offers: 
Detoxifying Herbs - designed to stimulate circulation and purge built up toxins from the body
Soothing Herbs - naturally soothe muscular discomfort and calm the skin, perfect for the client with a demanding lifestyle.
Healing Herbs - an herbal blend created to heal and hydrate dry, cracked skin or for boosting the immune system.

Mud Wraps - $65


This treatment is done in our water room. Warm mud is painted on the guest's arms, tummy and legs resulting in detoxification, cellular renewal and rebalancing. Different muds may be selected for different results.

Choose between Chocolate, Sedona, or Sculpting Mud



Body Facials- $65


Antioxidant and anti-aging formulas that help remove toxins and leave skin glowing.

Choose between Chocolate, Sedona, or Sculpting Mud